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AKL Season one rules.

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1 AKL Season one rules. on Mon Nov 10, 2008 8:03 pm



* Games will be played 4vs4.
* No Penalties
* Game Format- 3 Periods- 5 minutes
* Overtime- Played 3 v 3 5 minute periods until goal is scored, NO TIES
* Overtime will be played in Public Rooms
* Game Stats are expected to be posted in correct format by a either a scorekeeper, or GM that decides to take stats.
* Games will be scheduled by the administrators. GMs will need complete all games by the end of the week or forfeits will be issued.
* Top 4 teams make the playoffs.
* All playoff series will be best-of-five.


* 5 League teams
* Player Minimums-10 Player Maximums- 15
* Trade deadline will be after every team has completed 10 games.
* GMs may determine icetime on their own, but teams are asked to distribute ice time equally, or as deserved.
* All players on a team's roster who are not a member of the team on kiekko are not counted in the roster minimum.
* All players cut after the deadline may not join a team until the season is over.

* If a player is lagging, the two teams play until the next whistle. After this whistle the puck is iced for 1 full kiekko minute. If the player does not return, and there are no extras the team must play short handed until a team mate shows.

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